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We are a Pre-Owned Limo Broker serving the needs of both the seller and the buyer including:

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1957 Rolls Royce Silver Cloud - Call for Details/Photos

2004 Hummer H2 200" Stretch by Royale Coach

1999 Lincoln Town Car 120" Stretch by Royale Limousine

Last Update: September 25, 2008

Limousines for Sale

Welcome to our Web site and thank you for visiting. Here you will find a diverse selection of Pre-Owned Limousines for sale. Because we are a Pre-Owned Limousine Sales broker representing private sellers from all over the country, and not a limo dealer with high overhead, we can generally help you find a limousine for sale at a more reasonable price. Because we are a full service Pre-Owned Limousine Sales broker, one call can get you financing, aftermarket warranties, shipping, and of course a limousine at a better price than most limo dealers. We have contacts in many areas of the limo industry and experience with both domestic and international shipping.

Buying a Pre-Owned Limousine offers many advantages over buying a new limousine. Obviously, a lower purchase price would be the first thing that comes to mind… but lower insurance rates, taxes, and registration fees, are among some of the other advantages that will help lower your overall operating expenses, thereby increasing your profit margin. For start-up limo companies, the high cost of operating new limos during such a crucial phase, can literally cripple a new company. For well established and growing limo companies with a solid customer base, Pre-Owned Limos offer a great opportunity to increase your fleet size to take advantage of the busy seasons, without being a big financial burden during the occasional slow downs.

SUV Limos for Sale

As you are probably well aware, the SUV Limo market has exploded over the last 5 years and the market demand shows no sign of slowing down. If your fleet does not consist of at least one SUV Limo, you are definitely missing out on a slice of the pie. SUV Limos generate more than just a higher hourly rate, they help build and maintain your customer base, by showing existing and potential clients that not only can you handle their traditional limousine needs, but that you can meet all of their transportation needs. There’s a variety of SUV Limos available, by many different coach builders and in many different configurations. Among the SUV Limos available, only the Lincoln Navigator 140” Limousine conversion and the Ford Excursion 140” Limousine conversion are certified by Ford Motor Company’s QVM program.

Hummer Limos for Sale

By far, the most in demand vehicle in the SUV Limousine market segment is the Hummer H2 Limo. People seem to be willing to hand over their paychecks to ride in these monster limos. While the hourly rates seem to have leveled off (if not come down a bit) in the last year or so, there is still plenty of money to be made with the Hummer H2 Limousine.

Limo Coach for Sale

Another important segment of the livery market is the luxury coach market. Not only do Limo Coaches – also known as a Party Bus or Mini Coach - accommodate more passengers, they offer more comfort and flexibility than a traditional Limousine. Like the SUV Limos, having this type of vehicle in your fleet not only provides you with additional earning potential, but also reinforces your ability to meet all of your clients needs, helping you to maintain a healthy customer base. Remember, if your client has to go somewhere else for this type of vehicle, they may never come back.

Sedans for Sale

Let’s face it… there’s nothing sexy about sedans. However, for many limo companies, sedans are the meat and potatoes of the operation. Not only do sedans offer the obvious economical means of transportation for airport transfers and corporate accounts, but smart operators know that sedan work can help build their customer base for the more profitable segments of the business; the night out/wedding/prom, hourly rental type work. By establishing relationships with new clients through sedan service, and nurturing that relationship with dependable, quality service, your sedan clients will become your limousine clients. So no matter how small or new an operator may be, at least one sedan is a must.

Limousine Business for Sale

From time to time we have clients looking to sell their entire limousine business. In some cases, the business comes complete with vehicles, Web site, advertising, phone numbers, credit card terminals, bookings, a customer base, and most importantly… history. Now don’t confuse history with reputation. There is a big difference between the two. Reputation is of course important for the obvious reason. However, having history is much more important, particularly, with regard to insurance. Most insurance companies won’t even talk to you if you are just starting out. At best, you will pay dearly for your coverage for at least the first year or two. In some cases, you might pay as much as double what you would pay if you were able to show an insurance company a good history. Buying an existing limousine company for sale offers more than just the sum of its parts, and can be an excellent alternative to a start up for some people. Give us a call and we can help you determine which approach best suits your goals.

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